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Our Team

Doyle Hatfield - Owner

Doyle Hatfield began his career in masonry in 1958. He formed Doyle Hatfield Masonry in 1962 beginning with nothing more than a wheelbarrow and a shovel. Through his perseverance, the company has now become one of the largest and most reputable companies around. From the beginning, Doyle recognized the importance of building a reputation of honesty, quality, and productivity. Over his career, he has been an example of integrity and a friend to acquaintances in the construction industry.

Doyle and his team have won numerous awards throughout the years for the quality and craftsmanship of their projects. These awards include Honor Award & "Best of Show"-Juan Diego High School, Merit Award- Orion Junior High School, Citation Award- Davis High School, Engineering Masonry Award of Excellence, Masonry Award of Excellence-Taylorsville High School, two awards of Outstanding Masonry Construction, and Jury Recognition Award.

Doyle Hatfield is a member of the Mason Contractors Association of America, Board Builders Bid Service, ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors), Utah Masonry Council, and Utah Safety Council.

Kevin Hatfield - Owner / Project Manager

Kevin graduated from BYU in Construction Management in 1984. He joined his father, Doyle and incorporated Doyle Hatfield Masonry in 1985.

He has worked his way up through the field as a tender, mason, foreman, and estimator. Kevin has followed the example of his father focusing on quality, safety, and integrity. His vast experience and knowledge is an extremely valuable asset to any construction project. The company's strong safety record is due in part to Kevin's resolve to adhere to and exceed safety standards. Kevin oversees project estimating and ensures that he provides the customer with the best product at the best price. He is effective at offering suggestions to maximize value without sacrificing quality. Kevin maintains MCAA Certification for Doyle Hatfield Masonry as well as certifications in OSHA, ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors), Utah Safety Council, and Utah Masonry Council, where he served as a past president, and is currently serving as a current member. Kevin is also the first in the state of Utah to complete requirements to be a Certified Mason Contractor.

Brian Thomsen - Project Manager / Safety Officer / Superintendant

Brian has been in the masonry trade and with Doyle Hatfield Masonry since 1992. Brian has experience with every level of the masonry trade starting out as clean-up, then tender, mason, foreman, superintendent, and now project manager. Brian keeps current on all new safety standards and certifications. He has a strong knowledge base of the overall construction process. He is highly respected in the masonry field as well as by subcontractors who value his integrity, communication skills, and commitment to quality.

Brian is skilled in coordinating multiple project schedules and manpower enabling our team to meet performance deadlines. Brian leads by example and ensures all employees maintain safety standards. With an open communication style, he resolves issues immediately and sensibly.

His recent projects include Vista Heights Junior High School, Westlake High School, Spanish Fork Jail Addition, Lehi Elementary, LDS Youth Camp #4, LDS Youth Camp #7, LDS Youth Camp #9, Mapleton Jr. High, Salem Hills High School, Davis High School, and Vineyard Elementary.

His certifications include OSHA 30 Hour, forklift instructor training, wall bracing training, Safeway scaffold & non-stop scaffold training, MCAA Foreman Development Course, ABC Fall Protection Certification, Scaffold Hazard Awareness Certification, and CPR & First Aid Certification.

Jared Roberts - Superintendant / Foreman

Jared has been with Doyle Hatfield Masonry for 19 years. He has invaluable experience having worked his way up through every aspect of the trade. Jared has strong leadership skills and leads his team by setting an example of an exceptional work ethic. He prides himself of the timeliness, safety, and quality of his projects. He provides insight in many areas of a project because of his vast experience. Jared is a valuable asset to any masonry project.

His recent projects include Davis Junior High School #16, Endeavor Elementary, School,Westlake High School, Vista Heights Junior High School,Canyon School Storage Sheds, South Weber Elementary School Addition, Salem Hills High School, Northwest Elementary, Lehi Elementary School, Mapleton Jr. High, Orion Jr. High, and West Haven Elementary School.

His certifications include OSHA 30 Hour, forklift instructor training, wall bracing training, Safeway scaffold & non-stop scaffold training, and CPR & First Aid Certification.

Alan Robinson - Superintendant / Foreman

Alan has been in the masonry trade 39 years gaining experience in every aspect of the industry. He has been with Doyle Hatfield Masonry since 1971, and a foreman since 1972. He has an unsurpassed work ethic to maximize his crew's potential.

Some of the projects that Alan has managed include: Provo Elementary, Traverse Elementary, Manti Elementary Addition, Vista Heights Junior High, Rock Springs City Center, Sweetwater County Fair concession stands, Green River High School addition, Green River Elementary, Bridger Coal and Power maintenance buildings, Anna Smith Elementary, West Valley Medical Center, West Valley Elementary, Whittier Elementary, South Summit Middle School, Carbon High School, Carbon Junior High School, Grant County High School, Utah Correction addition, Payson Junior High addition, BYU Deseret Towers, Ridgeline Elementary, Lehi High School addition, East Meadows Elementary, Eagle Mountain Elementary, LTM Training Center, Bountiful High School addition, Rich High School addition, Rich County Elementary addition.

His certifications include OSHA 30 Hour, forklift instructor training, wall bracing training, Safeway scaffold & non-stop scaffold training, and CPR & First Aid Certification.

Joe Hendricks - Superintendant / Foreman

Joe has been in the masonry trade over 32 years. He has been with Doyle Hatfield Masonry since 1987, and a foreman since 1991. Joe is an integral part of the Doyle Hatfield Masonry team. His willingness to help and positive attitude promote loyalty from his crew and others. He is able to meet strict deadlines and create a safe environment. His extensive experience and leadership skills ensure a job well done.

Some of his recent projects include South Weber Elementary Addition, Monticello Pool, West High School, Daybreak Elementary, Valley High School, Washington Elementary, Clinton Elementary, Jordan Landing, Skaggs Catholic Center, and the Khadeeja Islamic Center.

His certifications include OSHA 30 Hour, forklift instructor training, wall bracing training, Safeway scaffold & non-stop scaffold training, and CPR & First Aid Certification.

Diane Hatfield - Office and Finance Manager

Diane Hatfield is always cheerful and willing to help. She has an extensive background in the construction industry and has been the Office Manager for Doyle Hatfield Masonry for over 20 years. Her attention to detail and sound work ethic make her a strong and vital asset to the company.