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We are MCAA Certified!

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), has been working in assessing needs of the design community for many years and has concluded that the best way to stop low bidding, sub-par contractors from reducing the masonry industry's standards is to raise the level of professionalism and quality within the industry.

Quality of work is the foundation of the certification program. Without certification, construction customers do not have an objective measurable method for determining a contractor's quality. Currently, the only basis for selection is through comparing bids and choosing the lowest.

The certification program is unique in that it ties an ongoing educational program for the contractor's employees with the contractor's ability to achieve and maintain certification.

Since our reputation is of the utmost importance to us, we choose certification processes of the highest standards. Being MCAA Certified helps our clientele recognize us for our quality, integrity, and commitment to excellence bringing us to the forefront of the masonry industry. Doyle Hatfield Masonry is 1 of only 8 nationally certified masonry contractors in the United States currently.

We are happy to announce that Doyle Hatfield Masonry won the MCAA Team Award K-8 Education for Provo Peaks Elementary School.  We thank all of our suppliers that worked tirelessly
on this project. 

These Suppliers include:

  • Buehner Block Company, Craig Buehner
  • Brailsford Cast Stone, Jerry Brailsford Sr.
  • Ash Grove, Paul Jahn
  • Interstate Brick, Mark Hedman

Member of the Utah Masonry Council
Member of the Utah Safety Council
Member of Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC)